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Tales from a Technology Lover

When I was growing up, my parents believed in doing things the "old fashioned" way and didn't embrace technology. We didn't have a computer, television, or even microwave in our home! When I got a job and moved out, I was excited to stock my apartment with all of the technology I missed out on when growing up. Now that I have a computer and internet in my home, I love researching the latest technological innovations and finding out about the new "gadgets" out there. I have always wanted to start a blog, so I thought I would make my first one about my passion -- technology! I hope you come back often to read my posts all about technology!


3 Benefits Of A Traditional Business Telephone System Vs. VoIP

If you have been doing your research about telephone systems for business, then you might have come across a lot of advice that tells you to choose a VoIP system, which uses your internet connection to help you communicate with clients, business partners and anyone else who you might use your business phone system for. Even though these systems do have their benefits, you may find that a traditional business telephone system is a much better choice for your business. Read More